What is Drop Shipping ?

A Drop Shipper is a wholesale supplier who ships their product directly to your customers. You do not purchase any merchandise until you have sold the item and collected the money from your customer. You then purchase the item from the drop shipper and they ship it to your customer. This allows you to sell a broad range of products with little investment. The profit potential is Enormous. With no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain you can focus on building your business. Drop shipping is the best way to start your own part-time or full-time business. With drop shipping you have no upfront inventory costs. You simply sell the merchandise at the price of your choice or more, collect the money (don't forget about shipping costs) and the drop shipper sends it for you, with your return address .


With wholesale drop shipping companies you have :

- No expensive photography equipment or highly paid professional photographer - No Inventory - No costly Warehouse Expenses (Taxes, Utilities, shelving, trucks, security, insurance, City & State Fees, OSHA & Safety Regulations, Building Codes & Fire Inspection Fees, etc….) - No costly Office Expenses (Furniture, computers, bookkeepers, managers, I.T, phone systems, government mandated forms and weekly filings, etc….) - No Warehouse Employee's Salaries & Benefits to Pay weekly no matter what your sales are - No expensive sophisticated inventory & shipping computer systems to purchase & maintain - No Dead or non-selling products that you can not get rid of - No cash out of pocket for large inventory purchases - No flaky or deadbeat suppliers if you use a reputable successful company with a long history. - No packaging expenses (boxes, packing tape, labels, computer shipping systems, computer & printer supplies, wages for shipping employees, etc…..) or time and travel trips to the Post Office, United Parcel Service or other daily pick-up charges from any Carrier's shipping centers .

How to Begin Drop Shipping ?

To start drop shipping any products through any drop shipping company you need to register with ECT ( Institute of E-commerce and Technology) to attend the course of E-commerce and E-marketing, or if you passed the CT (confidence test) you will get the website includes products of the drop shipper you choose. As a member you have the permission to use their professionally rendered digital images and descriptions in your auctions and on your websites. When you get an order, purchase the items from their company through the ECT website and specify your customer's shipping address. The product will then be drop shipping directly to your customer .


We are Institute of E-commerce and Technology " ECT ", Located in Alexandria city, Egypt.
Mr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled the owner of ECT traveled to USA in 2001 to study specialist diploma in e-commerce and went back to Egypt in 2006, in this period he studied so many kinds of e-commerce like B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B, studied an extensive course in "affiliate programs", finally studied and did work in the process of Drop shipping, our project in that site.
He found that all American youth and young people working using this process and they gain a lot of money , so Mr. Khaled and his co-operators 17 months ago starting to put a plan " How our country use this process to help people to get job through the internet."
And they did it, now a lot of students in our institute working at home in e-marketing, just e-marketing for the products of the companies...
ECT started to collect the best Egyptian companies and they did a contract between them and ECT to get the photos of the products, description and prices... Then ECT will give these details to students "resellers" to start market these products in their websites, as soon as getting an exporter, their roll is finished and the company will continue all the other procedure like payment and shipping... Then the reseller will get his commission from the company through ECT …



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